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★ FASH Friday Sample Sale ★

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We ♥ the ’70s Bohemian Spirit!

The current ’70s style revival is your one way ticket to 70s-ville! Mega bell bottoms, make-them-stare flares and fancy pants prints are just some of the re imagined revival pieces to rock ♥Self Service S/S ’15

Photographer: Angelo Pennetta
Stylist: Ondine Azoulay
Model: Malgosia Bela

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And then there is Anna, the latest baby Bardot ♥

Much like the Plastics, in any pack of supermodels, you’ll find the sex kitten (Cindy Crawford/Gretchen Wieners), the brains, (Christy Turlington/Cady Heron) and the cutie (Kate Moss/Karen Smith). Then there’s the queen bee, the star – the blonde with a capital B. These golden haired goddesses are always big-lipped, doe-eyed and with locks that Regina George would be proud of. They have previously taken human form in the likes of Claudia Schiffer, Lara Stone and Georgia Jagger, but there’s one they all come after and have all been likened to – the archetypal blonde bombshell; Brigitte Bardot. Cannes’ original sex kitten might have retired in 1973 but the image she spawned has been celebrated again and again in the fashion industry as her catwalk queen doppelgangers coin the nickname of “baby Bardot’s.” The Bardot phenomenon is back this year as  German model Anna Ewers. ♥Vogue Germany March 2015.

Photographer: Camilla Akrans, Stylist: Nicola Knels, Model: Anna Ewers.

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In ♥ with LENNI the Label!

Yes, LENNI the label is the newest label added to our agency’s portfolio ♥

Growing up in the small town of Wallabi Point on the East Coast of Australia, Lisa Stricker (also known as Lenni) was the quirky girl at school, the stylishly strange ocean lover. She began cutting up clothes and tie-dying, redesigning vintage and making dresses from age 14, having sales in her garage for the girls of the town (who still to this day are her biggest fans). After school, she traveled extensively, collecting vintage and ideas from a myriad of world cultures. These influences, combined with her vision to give girls and women staple garments that scream comfort and magic all at once, have given birth to a label that is only just the beginning.

LENNI the label was born out of the success of her first project Lenni Vintage – which released one-off pieces of hand crafted refurbished denim and an eclectic mix of vintage. Demand for these undeniably original collections grew out of control, seeing her creations being featured in various Australian and international publications, gaining over 200,000 online followers and also traveling to Paris to design a capsule collection for a major French chain store.

After years of research on fabrics, manufacturing, labour, and of course fashion demand internationally, Lenni opened her business (in early 2013) and released the first collection through her own label – ‘LENNI’.

LENNI’s collections poses extremely wearable, unique day and nightwear pieces, which play off the same wild-spirited and stylishly collected design of her iconic re-worked vintage styles. They express the current nostalgia for classic 70’s style whilst remaining effortlessly classic, comfortable, sexy and sometimes a little dark.

“virgin island”

shot by Brett Rutkowski

featuring Tahlia Moffitt

styling & art direction by LENNI

all clothing by LENNI & vintage, swimsuit by tahliajnoir

Sea of sin I’m swimming in and I’m taking a dive
My mind’s in need so my body feeds and it keeps me alive
It gets better and better as it gets wetter and wetter
Sea of sin, know where you’ve been but I don’t care

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We ♥ Erin Wasson’s Venice Beach Home!

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★Second Female Spring 2015★

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