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Power Couples ♡ Damselfly

Move over Kim and Kanye…there’s a new iconic duo on the scene. Damselfly Quote Candles and Dream Cream are teaming up in the latest red hot love affair…Are you naughty? Or are you nice? Or maybe you are both sugar and spice!

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Damselfly Jewelry ♡ She Became The Light ★

Damselfly ★★★  The Ethereal vibes are strong and the pastel hues as cold as ice. If modern mysticism is your thing your going to love this collection now available at The FASH Agency. The latest collection “She became the light” is a sweet intersection where the magic of light intercepts with earths treasures. Impassioned by Melbourne based Australian designer Christianna Heideman this stunning collection is nothing short of inspiring. Christianna has gathered over a decade of jewelry designing and making experience. This season her final result is a collection of airy light, white stones, raw earthy marble detail, set against highly polished sterling silver and 9k rose gold plated details.

Christianna Heideman – “She Becomes The Light is the meeting place where shadows are swallowed by the light, and rainbows reflect the diversity of our souls.”

Model Anja Konstantinova, Photographed by Ed Purnomo, Styling by Lana Wilkinson, H&M by Mae Taylor.

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Lady of the Canyon ♡

Stoned Immaculate Vintage taking us back in time and we love it…  it’s the epitome of early ’70s Los Angeles, drawing most of the inspiration from the Laurel Canyon neighborhood. Tucked away on the canyon hillsides, it’s where some of the greatest musicians and influencers of the time—such as Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, The Monkees, and Neil Young—sought refuge from the bright lights and noise of the Sunset Strip. With a mix of delicate chiffon blouses, vintage-inspired T-shirts, and plenty of high-waisted flared denim and delicate embroidery, the collection pays homage to the fashion, music, and culture of the era…

Photography Jason Lee Parry
Muse Louise Mikkelsen
Styling Chloe Chippendale
Makeup/beauty Debbie Gallagher & Melinda Dean
Hair Nellie Christine & Melinda Dean

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Damselfly ★

SHINE BRIGHT. BE FIERCE. FEEL THE MAGIC. WELCOME TO DAMSELFLY, THE SHOOTING STAR THAT JUST SMACKED YOU IN THE FACE ★ At Damselfly, it’s not all about rainbows and butterflies…They want to hit you in the face, right in the nose, with their triple-scented aromas and then in the eyes, with a killer quote. Come on baby, light my fire…Individually hand poured in Australia. The FASH Agency represents Damselfly for The Netherlands. To become a stockist, email

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FASH Inspiration ★

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