Damselfly Jewelry ♡ She Became The Light ★

Damselfly ★★★  The Ethereal vibes are strong and the pastel hues as cold as ice. If modern mysticism is your thing your going to love this collection now available at The FASH Agency. The latest collection “She became the light” is a sweet intersection where the magic of light intercepts with earths treasures. Impassioned by Melbourne based Australian designer Christianna Heideman this stunning collection is nothing short of inspiring. Christianna has gathered over a decade of jewelry designing and making experience. This season her final result is a collection of airy light, white stones, raw earthy marble detail, set against highly polished sterling silver and 9k rose gold plated details.

Christianna Heideman – “She Becomes The Light is the meeting place where shadows are swallowed by the light, and rainbows reflect the diversity of our souls.”

Model Anja Konstantinova, Photographed by Ed Purnomo, Styling by Lana Wilkinson, H&M by Mae Taylor.

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